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Job Title: Senior Java Software Engineer

Location: anywhere, USA ( Romote Position)

Salary Range: 70k – 90k

Romote Position

Senior Java Software Engineer


  • Use your skills in all aspects of the software lifecycle to help design,develop and test a
    brand new cutting edge software product using the latest tools andmethodologies.
  • Opportunities to work in the following areas: distributed data ingest,algorithm design
    and implementation, distributed algorithm execution, language bindings,visualization,
    samples and performance tuning.


  • 5-10 years actual industry experience in system-level development or maintenance,
    such as in operating systems, database management systems internals, networking
    and/or file systems
  • 5+ years development experience with the Java language in a commercialenvironment
  • Must be energetic and enthusiastic about software design and development.
  • Ability/willingness to learn new technologies
  • Experience working with a large piece of system or application software thathas been
    shipped to users, ideally over several revisions
  • Experience with multi-threaded, client-server applications
  • Demonstrated ability to learn about, develop, document, and extend anadvanced,
    complex software system in a reliable and modular fashion
  • Good sense of engineering tradeoffs, and an ability to understand the impactof
    software changes on robustness, clarity, and performance
  • Master's or Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or similar degree
  • US citizen or Permanent Resident only


  • Experience working in an Agile environment
  • Knowledge of common unit testing frameworks
  • Other language skills such as C/C++/C#, Ruby and/or Python
  • Experience developing plugins for Eclipse
  • Experience with distributed data environments such as Hadoop
  • Knowledge of object and/or graph database concepts

B2B Sales Jobs 60 Openings Need 0-2 yrs sales exp Sal & Comm 85K-100K

60 Job Openings- Multiple Openings in each of the Cities Below Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte (NC) , Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Phoenix, Tampa, Los Angeles, Orange County, St. Louis, Parsippany ( NJ) and Washington DC, Miami

Job Description:

Looking for salary with uncapped earnings potential and advancement based on performance?

CEO believes in rewarding a job well done! In 2010 he designed an Executive Compensation plan which allows top performers to earn $100K+ within the first 12 months! Since this program went into effect, we have a 0% turnover rate with reps having met one year of service.

They offer a unique opportunity for individuals who have a level of sophistication and drive that no other organization has in place. This position is a great fit for a candidate who is interested in the opportunity to meet with Executives everyday and help them optimize their current processes.

This is a professional sales position that will teach you to think at an executive level in a fast-paced environment.

  • Start base salary $40-50K + commission with the opportunity to increase your base to $100K

  • Commissions are uncapped

  • We have a 50% close ratio – the best value proposition in the industry!

  • In 2010 we had a rep two years out of college make over $250K!

Offers extensive training ( rivals Xerox training program) and all the tools a new representative needs to achieve success. Offers growth, health benefits, 401(k), and car and cell phone compensation.

  • GPA of 2.5 or greater from a 4 year university degree

  • Made less then $85,000 during current job or any past job(s)

  • If employed must have 1.5 year or greater “stay average” (jobs/years employed) or

First job since graduating college